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Are you #woke? Semiotics for social researchers.

  How can social researchers include semiotics in their repertoire of research methods?   How can semiotics be used to tackle social problems?   These were the two questions on my mind when I conducted an intimate and quite energetic workshop for about 40 people at...

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Semiotics ruined my life outside work: True Confessions

I've been supplying semiotics for 20 years. When you do it for a long time, it doesn't switch off. It takes over your life outside work. Here's what happened to me. True story. . I CAN READ PHOTOS JUST LIKE WORDS In much the same way that people pester...

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5 hidden gems in your qual data

Hey, researchers! Here are 5 things you didn't know were in your qualitative transcripts or raw data. Those transcripts are lit up like a Christmas tree if you know what to look for. All the items below come from discourse analysis, which is expressly designed to...

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