“Oh no, we forgot to design the fixture and now our packaging looks like an ironic joke.”

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“Oh no, we forgot to design the fixture and now our packaging looks like an ironic joke.”

No amount of packaging design will convey the desired message if the fixture looks bad. Avoid this problem by thinking about EVERYTHING that the shopper can see when they encounter your brand. The more exaggerated your packaging and branding, the more this applies. Small retailers, in particular, really need your help. Help them to make your brand look better. Don’t just say ‘wow’ on pack and hope for the best.

Image: I took this photo in Malaysia. It’s not the retailer’s fault that the setting doesn’t look great, he’s doing his best. A nice fixture would have helped.

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“Using Semiotics in Retail” was substantially encouraged and endorsed by my friends at Unilever The sales uplift generated by Unilever’s in-house shopper marketing app “easily more or less doubled” thanks to #semiotics by Rachel Lawes, said Keith Sleight at the trade show Retail Week Live in London (2022).

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