Using Semiotics in Retail: BOOK 2 AND 3 CONFERENCES

by Jan 18, 2022News

If you work in #marketing and especially #retail, #semiotics is going to set your world on fire in 2022. I have many, many revelations for you all through this year. A few headlines:

FEBRUARY #Book launch “Using Semiotics in Retail: Leverage Consumer Insight to Engage Shoppers and Boost Sales”. The book is available for pre-order now, Amazon, publisher Kogan Page and all good booksellers. It is a very punchy book. Solves everyday marketing problems at a stroke and blasts the reader, their brand and their retail business into the future. I am excited to do content reveals over the next few several days, and look forward to sharing some thrilled and surprised reviews. Kogan Page, Natasha Tulett

MARCH is #Impact2022, the annual conference of the Market Research Society. I have something unique and tailor made for agency-side and client-side researchers. Scared to talk about the future? Wish you felt more confident envisioning what consumers will need in 15 or 30 years? Semiotics gives you a reliable and credible vision that YOU can learn to use. Sound like a professional when talking about advanced AI, the metaverse and decentralised economies. Market Research Society (MRS), Marc Brenner

APRIL I’m at #Qual360EU with my client Corinne Trentadue of Unilever. Corinne generously explains how Unilever applies semiotic thinking as it works to understand shoppers and improve shopping. Packed with clear, stimulating, practical and profit-making guidance. Full instructions featured in the book, so you can read about everything Unilever says, apply the instructions and get the results for yourself! Merlien Institute Sonia Nieradzik

MAY. I’m at #RetailWeekLive2022 with a special guest star, my client Keith Sleight, also of Unilever. Retail Week Keith is Director of Global Shopping Insights, wrote the foreword to this book and made it possible for Corinne and her colleague Iris Cremers 🍏 to share the semiotics work we’ve done together, using semiotics to strengthen Unilever brands and boost sales. Keith and I have worked together to solve shopping and marketing problems using semiotics for a dozen years, he is a passionate advocate. You will see why.

And there’s much more to come this year, so much more. But that’s all today’s news! Follow me for regular updates starting from now.

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