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by Jul 18, 2022News

How much would you like to be able to see into the future? Would you like to be able to form a clear vision of:

·     The future of BUSINESS? Do you know what a play-to-earn business model is and how you can use it? How about creator economies and decentralised economies? Are they just words or something that you know how to plan for?

·     The future of CONSUMERS? Why are people so anxious and depressed and what can you do about it? How are people’s relationships changing because of digital culture? What kinds of things will people want to buy in the future?

·     The future of RETAIL? You might have a big budget that allows you to design CX from the bottom up, or you might have a small, traditional retail business that is trying to get a foothold in the online space. Do you know what to do and what is coming next?

·     The future of EVERYTHING? What are smart cities? Is your city becoming smarter? What does that mean for your business? Who will your future workers be and how will you attract and retain them?
Here are two ways to find out!

The QUICK way. Watch this video, it’s the second part of a two-part readalong of “Using Semiotics in Retail”, the new book by Dr Rachel Lawes. https://theicg.co.uk/recording-of-part-1-a-two-part-read-along-of-using-semiotics-in-retail-by-rachel-lawes/

The DEEP way. Read the book! “Using Semiotics in Retail: Leverage consumer insight to engage shoppers and boost sales” is available on Amazon, from all good bookstores and from publisher koganpage.com which ships worldwide.

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Photograph; https://unsplash.com/@ukblacktech (May 26, 2022)



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