How to be calm and happy in the morning, my personal recipe.

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How to be #calm and #happy in the morning, my personal recipe.

For years and years, my morning ‘routine’ used to consist of: wake up with a jolt of adrenaline, drink a strong coffee, go to my desk and start tackling my to-do list. Over time, my blood pressure started to go up, I was brilliant at my job but impatient with anything that blocked my path, I had white knuckles all the time and was driven by blind determination. Then I reformed my routine. Now I’m stronger, calmer, happier and I can cope with everything that life requires of me, which is a good deal more than just being amazing at #semiotics and #marketing. Here’s what I do.

Wake up at least two hours before sunrise. Three hours if I managed to go to bed early the night before. Light lamps, make #tea (I don’t drink coffee any more), go to my favourite chair.

1. #Read, usually for about 40 or 45 minutes. I am tackling a huge book and I like seeing progress each morning, plus it makes me feel better listening to someone else’s thoughts instead of my own.
2. #Meditate. Typically half an hour in total. A routine consisting of: (a) five minutes of soothing #music during which I do deep breathing and get my heart rate down where I want it to be; (b) 10 minutes of contemplation on a particular theme, today’s was the idea that there’s only one of me and I’m here to use my life to fulfil a mission; (c) 10 minutes of peaceful meditation which often involves counting the things I’m #grateful for and allowing myself to feel #optimistic and #loved; (d) five minutes of music, I like Gregorian chants to end with because nobody sings a Gregorian chant while being all stressed out.
3. Read again. Pick up a different book, chosen for offering a new or different point of view that I haven’t explored before. About half an hour is enough for one chapter.

By the time I’ve finished, the sun has woken up. Open the curtains, look out of the window, allow myself to feel happy. Today is a new day, with good things to offer me, and a chance for me to offer good things to other people. Later in the day there will be #yoga and/or a #walk outdoors, ideally both.

Speaking of people, here’s one of my favourites. Although I’m not Catholic, I went to a Catholic school where I was surrounded by nuns and learned that they are precious friends. In adulthood, Sr.Beth Ann Dillon, DSMP is my favourite nun. Like everyone, I’ve had dark nights of the soul, especially when people I love have died or been very ill, and this beautiful woman’s kind words have helped me. Thank you. I’m so thankful for your generosity and the simple fact that you exist.

Thanks also to Simon Maage on Unsplash for the photo.


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