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#Semiotics friends! The MRS Semiotics & Cultural Insights Conference is coming up very soon, 1 February.

I chaired this event last year and presented with my client the LEGO Group on our groundbreaking shopper research. Can confirm that it’s great event.

This year: I will be there! Please reach out to me at the event because I have two exciting things for you.
– ANYONE who asks: I will give you a #discount code for money off either or both of my books on semiotics, details below.
– CLIENTS: I will send you one #FREE book, my gift to you because I know you love semiotics.

Here are the books!

“Using Semiotics in Marketing: How to achieve consumer insight for brand growth & profits”. Now in its SECOND EDITION due to popular demand. This hugely successful book is the ONLY book on semiotics that takes you all the way through research projects using semiotics, including: deciding when to use semiotics; how to write a brief; how to write semiotics into a proposal; how to design and plan projects; how to do the research including field trips, how to combine semiotics with #ethnography & #discourse analysis; how to convert #insights into #strategy; how to debrief and share findings. Endorsed by HOLLY CLANCEY at Nike and many more.

“Using Semiotics in Retail: Leverage consumer insight to engage shoppers and boost sales”. WINNER: Best book on Sales & Marketing, Business Book Awards 2023. The ONLY book on semiotics which is wholly dedicated to #retail. Supported by Unilever and packed with real-world case studies to help your retail business get ahead. Includes lots of #FUTUROLOGY, which semiotics delivers with unique strength and impact.


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