Jagged with Jasravee presents – A conversation with Dr. Rachel Lawes

by May 30, 2022News

Jagged with Jasravee presents – A conversation with Dr. Rachel Lawes.

Find out how semiotics impacts real world marketing.

All the secrets are revealed in this interview with Jasravee and Rachel – one of the leading semioticians in the country who has just recently published her second book “Using Semiotics in Retail” (2022).

Semiotics has loads to offer marketers for today and the future;

– How signs and symbols influence purchasing
– Consumer behaviour and expectations
– What drives engagement?
– The future of shops and shopping

Check it out now and discover new knowledge and insights from the cutting edge of semiotics.

To find out more:

Home – Lawes Consulting (lawes-consulting.co.uk)

Get 20% off your copy of “Using Semiotics in Retail” when you use code SEMIOTICS20 at Rachel Lawes (koganpage.com) . “Using Semiotics in Retail” is also available worldwide from Amazon and all good bookstores.

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